Leaner & Greener.

Our member ascension program, the 12 Week Leaner Greener Game Plan, is a life-changing program. Not only does it provide you with the platform to fully commit to your health and fitness goals, it provides for self growth, discovery and connection that you may not have expected. 

The LGGP is us bringing together all Earth to Body’s principles in a purposeful step by step plan. A plan to transition to a whole food, plant focused approach to fueling your body, education around energy balance and the nutrition model, embracing a life of movement and challenging your body’s abilities and above all, sharing the journey with like-minded people. It’s a tribe journey, as much as it is your own journey!

  • Opportunity to lose some unwanted weight.
  • Take charge of your health 
  • Opportunity to become greener in more ways than one – eat more greens, connect with nature, learn more about environmental sustainability and explore our own deeper values
  • We want to EMPOWER you to be leaders in your own friendship and family circles; inspiring others through your journey. Leading by example through adopting new habits that bring you goodness and compliment your journey.

Accountability, Structure & FUN.

What's Included?
  • Structured plant based meal plans (changes every fortnight)
  • Additional gym access 
  • Fitness benchmark testing at start and finish of the program
  • Weekly check ins – online format, coaches respond on Mondays
  • Virtual workbook to access all your check-in links and special dates
  • Workshops – nutrition, energy balance, heart-centred goal setting, guest speakers, discovering your “why”
  • Tribe activities – bush walks/hikes to get outdoors and get to know each other!
Measure your success and self growth!
  • Subjective questionnaire at start and finish – we want to know how YOU FEEL and how that SHIFTS after prioritising YOU and your environment for 12 solid weeks
  • Fitness benchmark testing at start and finish
  • For those with a weight loss focus – fortnightly progress photos and weigh ins with check-ins
  • Daily accountability checklist
Are you ready to put YOU first, learn new things and take full control of your health and lifestyle?

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“Most of all I found the support that you guys provided the whole way through was the absolute key to success – checking in every week, having that accountability and support makes all the difference.”


“The workshops helped put the nutrition guides and training sessions into perspective and actually educated us on what is happening to our bodies so we can continue feeling amazing…”


“I would recommend this program to anyone wanting to improve their physical and mental health and be a part of an amazing community of people who are always cheering you on!”


I’m Interested!

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PLEASE NOTE! – Available to MEMBERS ONLY who have been training at Earth to Body minimum 2 months.