Spartan - Earth to Body




Inspired by the great Spartan AU Race, we cannot emulate the magic of obstacle racing in beautiful country-side outdoors: but we can match the
intensity and train for skills required to meet the demands. A great test for general physical preparedness (GPP) that can be carried forward through varied life challenges.

“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you”

This is our longest workout on the program and will see 2 main components where skills, strength endurance and aerobic capacity are trained and put to the test. Expect longer running efforts, sled efforts, varied climbing and pulling challenges, fatigued target training, lifting efforts and varied loaded carries.

A fantastic workout for over-all GPP for emergency workers, front line services, defense force, athletes looking to push the limits or ANYONE wanting to challenge themselves, learn and test skills and improve strength & endurance.