THE PROGRAM - Earth to Body





We periodise our training program over 3 cycles following the laws of rooted Strength and Conditioning training and linear progression principles. Meaning with consistency you’ll lift more, run faster, jump higher as we build durability and resilience both inside and out.

WEEKS 1 - 3

A volume cycle of training. A learning and adaptation phase of the overall program. Lots of reps with solid foundations nailing our fundamental movement patterns.

WEEKS 4 - 6

An overload cycle as we challenge the movement patterns with heavier loads and more challenging expressions. This primes us for our final performance focus cycle of training. 

WEEKS 7 - 9

 Our final peak cycle where we cluster exercises of similar characteristics focussing on strength and speed which = power. Heavier lifts. Top speed efforts and powerful expressions.



We will test and analyse your results & provide feedback of the improvements made during the program.





Strength Progression. In our fundamental movement patterns that transfers to our performance programs and improved capacity in everyday life. Everyday athletes capable of tackling whatever life serves

Conditioning. A metabolic stimulus created during every workout targets each of our body’s energy systems and ensures high caloric expenditure. Complement your workouts with the right fuel and enjoy the body composition benefits building lean muscle and torch body fat! We are also conditioned to perform. Push your limits and test your capability on our Performance focus programs and challenges set by the coach driving conditioning throughout the entire program.

Endurance. Go harder for longer. Simple. This program will enhance your stamina and improve your cardiorespiratory fitness. And from all the modalities of training we encompass.. this comes the fastest!

Mobility. Our joint structures are often deprived of what they are truly capable of. We prioritize Flexibility and Mobility during every single warm up and cool down and entire sessions at Primal, Athletic Yoga and Kinstretch (coming soon).

Durability. Build a body capable of withstanding life’s obstacles and degradation. Maintain joints and the tissues that support them and move pain free through better ranges of motion.

Longevity. Our program is centered around it, heck our entire ethos is! We want to be here for a good time and a long time. We have developed a holistic fitness program that compliments overall health fit for you. Fit for our planet. Foster Mindfulness, provoke a cascade of mood boosting hormones. But most importantly, have fun doing it. Enjoy the process and the Community riding this with you. It’s what keeps us coming back!

We build throughout the program training different points of the force velocity curve meaning we are effective in athletic ability for expressing both force and velocity aka: strength and speed which makes for a well rounded and holistic approach to performance and functional fitness. In week 10, we put it to the test.

“Without a doubt the best gym around. The overall vibe and culture that’s been created is exceptional and one of a kind. It’s absolutely infectious.”


“I’ve only just started at E2B but I am hooked! The atmosphere is incredible, like a jungle nightclub and the trainers are incredibly knowledgeable and approachable.”


“Earth to Body changed my views on group training.”