When it comes to training I love it all, pretty simple really! I respect and practice varied training styles and modalities and aspire to be the jack of all trades, my definition of functional fitness! I want to lift heavy, sprint fast, jump high and run for miles. And be capable of moving through challenging ranges of motion through dynamic mobility work and flow-like movement sequences. This speaks through our program design and gym fit out at Earth To Body in Croydon. I respect and celebrate nature, living a life that’s as sustainable as possible. I eat tonnes of plants, fruits, oats and smoothies. And with the help of my amazing wife Chrissy, will teach you how to fuel your bodies in a way that will save our planet, naturally get you lean and strong and keep you there! No BS, no crash diets, no 28 day challenges. But a lifestyle of health, strength and fitness. Let’s get to work!


  • ONNIT Academy Trainer
  • CPPS Strength & Conditioning
  • Animal Flow L1 Instructor
  • Cert III + IV Fitness.


Management & Nutrition

If you know me, you know I’ve always been a busy little bee. In amongst my hustle, I have evolved to ensure that food + fitness are high on the priority list (food always wins!) and over recent years have grown to be a barefoot gal in the gym space who can lift confidently, move & flow and has lived up to the asian half of her and can drop a deep squat I am incredibly passionate and inspired to do what I can to reduce our footprint on our planet and do my best to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. I eat plants, I rock thrifted clothing, and I love lemons.

I’ll be your biggest fan in our gym and will be cheering you on from the front desk ’till you’re sick of my voice. Or I’ll be right there beside you rippin’ the reps


  • Bachelor of Nursing
  • Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition
  • Certificate in Human Nutrition & Food as Medicine
  • Experience in management, community work, charity director


E2B Coach



E2B Coach

“I am here to contribute to the health of our planet and human beings.”

Over the years i have discovered that finding balance is the absolute key to our wellbeing. Some days I feel like a big stretchy flow of yoga, some days I feel like running with the wind, some days I love dancing, some days I love picking up heavy things.

I find that each day is truly a different day, my body enjoys different movements & intensities. It feels so good to have options and I love that we can really explore this incredible human body!

I’m all about great tunes, fun workouts & flows, challenging myself, understanding how to move well & how to nourish my body. I’ll give anything a go, I’m curious, I’m passionate & energetic. I love human connection, being barefoot on the Earth, animals & rain.”


E2B Coach

“My motivation in health and fitness comes from being overweight as a teenager and knowing how a poor diet and inactivity feels like. Knowing how it feels to not feel comfortable in your own body and having a self image that doesn’t reflect who you want to be.

I love every moment of encouraging clients to be proud of what they are achieving whether it be big or small, pointing them in the right direction to achieving their goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I will always go by the saying, movement is medicine and nutrition fuels ambition.

For the past 6 years I have also been an exercise sport scientist and personal trainer with extra qualifications in rehabilitation and Pilates instructing. I am very proud to be a part of the earth to Body staff because of what we preach. Not just the goal but the process. A big part of that process is enjoyment. The culture provided by Chrissy and Adrian from my first class in the car park is beyond comforting yet energetic and motivating. Loving every moment!”


E2B Coach

Dani walks the walk, and talks the talk. Passionate about leading an active lifestyle, Dani advocates healthy habits that set us up for long term, sustainable results. A hiit-lover at heart, Dani is a rare species who loves a burpee. So don’t be surprised when her eyes light up whilst everyone else is cursing 😂
Dani has been part of the Earth to Body tribe since day dot and represents the training through her performance of strength, agility and power! She will push you to get uncomfortable, but rest assured it will be with a friendly smile.


E2B Coach