Find out below our most frequently asked questions.

We have two bathrooms, one with a shower for members to use. Please bring your own towel, earth-friendly body wash is provided.

Parking is free in the surrounding area of the studio, and is available on Coolstore Rd, Harry Lacey Ln carpark (just before the train line) and in our front carpark. Our kind neighbours at Motafit allow our clients to park in their spots at all AM & PM class times outside of their working hours (7am - 5pm). Please refrain from parking in any surrounding business car parks!

It depends on your injury and your journey to recovery. We may request that you get a medical clearance from your treating clinician before you can attend, and we also may request your clinician complete a program alteration form. It’s best that you contact us here.

Reserve your spot by downloading and booking on the EARTH TO BODY APP. You can book up to 7 days in advance. If you have any troubles please reach out.

Due to capped class numbers, we do not accept walk-ins. All class bookings must be made using the App.  Our time is dedicated to giving you the best in-studio experience and therefore we rely on our automated online platform for managing all class bookings, sign ups and service purchases in lieu of a staffed reception desk. 

We want you to get the most out of your workout – and missing the warm up can put you at risk of injury. If you are more than 5 minutes late to your class then you may not be able to join – our coaches may ask you to leave or book another class time.

Guys – to put it simply – SHOW UP. Show up for the coaches who have shown up for you, for the members who want to train alongside you, and most of all, for YOU because we know you’d be bummed if you missed out.

For those times you can’t make it, be sure to ‘early cancel’ outside of our cancellation windows; 9hrs before morning classes and 3hrs before evening classes. Cancellations within the cancellation windows are considered a ‘late cancel’ and will incur a fee for those on memberships, and those on class passes will forfeit a pass. This includes switching time slots and ‘no-shows’.

Join the waitlist – you will be given this option in the App. If clients cancel their spot, you get moved into the class and will be notified via email and app push notification - have this switched "on" in the app!

Firstly, try the basics – refresh the app, uninstall then reinstall the app or check if there’s an update due (as older versions can cause booking issues).

If all else fails, reach out to us via phone or email and we will help you rectify the issue.

Sorry, we don’t offer child minding at our Croydon studio and the dim lighting/loud beats are not the ideal environment for infants.

Group training sessions are our primary service at Earth to Body. We are passionate about community and training in a high vibing atmosphere, encouraging each other along the way. Our trainers do however offer 1:1 sessions around the group timetable; this is not an extended service and is offered in addition to your membership.